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- strings attached -

a kaoru x die x toshiya community

Strings Attached - A KaoruxDiexToshiya Community


January 25th, 2011

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kaoru stache


The idea behind this challenge is that you'll be able to choose a prompt of a movie. You will then use this movie to write a story, where you incorporate jrock characters of your choice, of at least a thousand (1,000) words based directly on the movie or extrapolating from it. Any genre or rating is allowed. Gen, het, and slash stories are all welcome and encouraged.

Let´s be creative differently and let´s make our fandom more enjoyable.


September 30th, 2009

If not allowed, mods please feel free to delete.

mrbassisto mrbassisto mrbassisto

We are a community dedicated to Toshiya, the very talented and beautiful bassist of Dir en grey. We will operate on a "a-day" basis, meaning that we will post each day a tiny bit of Toshiya, may it be a picture, a video clip, a cartoon, a quote, a cosplay, a piece of music, art or photography that inspires or speaks to us about Toshiya.

Mr. Bassisto is a place to celebrate Toshiya and what makes him unique to each of us, to comment, discuss and debate, to admire and squee and be a fan.
Come on over!

mrbassisto mrbassisto mrbassisto

Feel free to pimp this at all the relevant places.

November 6th, 2008

Title: 10 songs meme
Author: cateris
Pairing: mainly Toshiya/Kaoru, Toshiya/Kaoru/Die (Dir en Grey)
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The events and characters depicted in the following piece of work are completely fictitious. Even though similarities with the members of Dir en Grey, or other public personae may be found they are in no way impling that any of the events or character traits are true. I do not know the members of Dir en Grey, and am in no way affiliated to them, the story itself is completely untrue and is in no way meant to reflect the private lives, actual practices, or activities of any persons named. No harm, libel or disrespect is intended. No statements whatsoever and no commercial gain are made out of the work archived here; this is simply for entertainment purposes.

Fanfic Archive: pinkucellphone

The 10 Songs Meme

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards! I CHEATED! Ha!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

( go here . )

April 8th, 2008

Actually I had forgotten that this community existed even, but I was talking with a few friends that these three together need more love and somehow it reminded me of the place x) So, we were thinking of trying to make the place more active by posting something, so here you go :D This one is posted to other places already so it might be you saw it already, but for the sake of archiving and KaoruxDiexToshiya-fans it'd be appropriate to have it here too, don't you think ;)

Title: Birthday Surprise
Author: seinen_no and fonulyn
Rating: NC17
Pairing: DiexKaoruxToshiya
Disclaimer: We own no one, only our dirty imaginations.
Summary: It’s Kaoru’s birthday and he receives a surprise present from his lover and one of his best friends. A PWP ensues 8D
seinen_no: Damn, I shouldn't proof-read fics like this at work. It's not good for my social status as my colleagues think I've gone crazy 'cause of the moronic grin on my lips. And I don't want to think what would happen if somebody ever managed to sneak a peek at the text I'm reading here XD Luckily, most of their English isn't good. Anyhow, I only wanted to tell you to read and fucking enjoy this!
I think you can even read it if you're a DiexKao lover and don't like other pairings, because the main focus is on them. Anyhow, please enjoy. And yeah, we know men can't go this often in a short time usually, but it's fun to write x)

fonulyn: Well, it’s pretty much mere porn so don’t expect 110% accuracy or famous plots from it XD Also, we haven’t really written threesomes before so you have to be gentle on us, alright? ;) Still I enjoyed re-reading it now, and I hope you will like it as much as I do :D Besides, having Die and Kaoru together with a little or a bit more Toshiya thrown into the mix is just something I would love to see more of XD

And feel free to add our journal if you like the stories!
Plus, the archive.

---> … click here for the story …


September 5th, 2006

2 Fics!

HOT Die from the Family Values Tour
Now I know this is a threesome community, unfortunately the KxTxD I've written so far are all one-sided stuff when it comes to Toshiya. *dies* Some of you may have read these before, so I'm sharing to those who haven't yet. :)

The fics:

Title: Seven Years
Author: Adrienne/decadentrebel
Pairing: DxK, side dish of KxT and DxT
Summary: "You're better than this," Toshiya continues, softly. Kaoru cannot believe his ears. Future!Fic, written for my darling civilized_era, on her birthday. Betaed by katatta. This fic is also based off the lyrics of a Stars song called "Your Ex-Lover Is Dead", for no particular reason other than they are an awesome band and everyone should know about them. ;)

(Read here.)

Title: Leave-taking, chapter 3 (Toshiya)
Author: Adrienne/decadentrebel
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Eventually it will be DxK. For this chapter, it’s one-sided DxT. *sobs*
Summary: 'For relationships to evolve, it must go through a series of endings.' An ensemble fic with a slight Die angle. Five interconnected, not necessarily chronological pieces. Lots of angst and drama. Set sometime before the release of Withering to Death.

(Read here.)

Thanks in advance to those who read! :)

August 30th, 2006

(no subject)

Norago [Hangeng]
hee. thought I'd post this here, posted before at my community, themotheme_deg;

Title: Untitled [[ because I can't come up with anything XD ]]
Author: beanova_
Pairings: OMG KYO AND TOTCHI. not. DaiTotchiKao
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: PWP all the way ? unbetaed, bad english ? me not being a master writer ? slight OOC:ness, probably ? wouldn't know, I don't know the dudes personally. >_>
Summary: “Why don’t we have an orgy?”
Whatever Die and Toshiya were doing besides whining/listening, stopped immediately as they froze and looked at the leader.

Author's Notes: ehe. he........ he. a birthday-fic for myself I wake up with the weirdest thoughts in my head, now don't I ? now if I just was a gifted writer or something. @_@ originally posted in two parts, but the first part was soooooooo short that I didn't feel like posting it in two parts again. so. yeah.

italics = thoughts.
dis color = flashback. HOO

so you gonna bang me hard ?Collapse )
...welcome everybody!

This is the first and only community dedicated to the threesome pairing of KaoruxDiexToshiya (actually, whatever permutation of three works, as long as the three of them are together). Feel free to join and share your works, the more the merrier! :)
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